Friday, November 20, 2009

Good morning. #VFTC Crossing the James River on US Rte 29 S. Lynchburg VA Fog

After a drizzly depressing day on Thursday we are given a fantastic sunrise.

Crossing the James River at Lynchburg, VA.

I talked about US Route 29 through the center of Virginia on Tuesday.  The Fate's of Trucking deemed
that I should run on it for a bit. 

The fog on this road can be killer. 

And, you should take steps to not get killed in it.  Usually the fog runs deadly thick from Charlottesville to Amherst. 
With the worse part between Nelson County Wayside (aka Home of the Waltons) and Lovingston. 

Watch your speed and remember not to get too focused on your hood.  Look up and out into the fog.
The rolling hills will let you catch a glimpse of tail lights at night if the fog isn't too bad.
If you're going to run below the speed limit put on your flashers.  That will let guys like me see you a bit
earlier.  ;)

whoop, whoop...running the Trail. 
And, A howdy ho to all those Seminole Trail Ridge Runners out there.

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