Saturday, October 31, 2009

Good morning. One of several Lookout hills around Culpeper VA #VFTC

An anomaly that I've noticed around Culpeper, VA is that cell phone service is fair at it's best. 
Many suggest that the iron content of the hills in the area cause issues with
all types of radio communications.  In the interest of conspiracy I'd like to think that some
black ops Government agency is messing around.  :P 

So, I'll use that as my excuse for not posting details here at Posterous.  Bad signal and quite busy
on Friday are the true reasons for my late posting.  

In the area between Culpeper and Orange Virginia there are several of these small mounts.  Both the Union
and Confederate forces used them to post signal stations during operations in the area. 

This particular mount sits at the Junctions of VA Rte 3 and US Rte 522.  This is not too far from where the Actor Christopher Reeves
(aka Superman) was thrown from a horse during an Equestrian event that led to a spinal chord injury which brought about
his untimely death.

Also, this mount has been used as a repository for the US Mint and has underground chambers within it for storage. 

Thanks for viewing and feel free to comment.

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Good morning for Thurs. #VFTC Clean and white along PA Rte 23 Near Blue Ball PA

Sorry for the late posting.  This is the Good Morning picture for Thursday October 29, 2009. 

This barn stood out from the gray sky, green rolling hills and the trees in fall colors.  Travel along Pa Rte 23 between
Morgantown and Lancaster and you'll see many unique and old barns. 

Many of the Amish use this road.  Be careful around the horses.  No jake brakes and no horns.
 Give them some room too. 
And, interesting to note that the Amish ride bicycles.  Who knew?  :)

This area of Pennsylvania is steeped in agriculture.  Watch out for grain and bulk tanker trucks.  Lot's of farm equipment
are moved along Route 23.  It's a two lane road through several towns.  So, be careful and enjoy the view!

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Yeah, I'm a geek....sigh...:)

I don't do bars, strip clubs or other stuff....I'm just a geek in a truck. 

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Good morning. Ms Pudge E Kins gives me 2 seconds. She hates cameras.

On a rare weekday morning at the house. 
We have two dogs.

This is Ms Pudge E Kins.  She's a Shepard Doberman mix.  8 years old and weighs in at 85 pounds.

Pudgie is a lover and not fighter. 
However, when she's barking and her teeth are flashing most people back way up. 
That's a good thing. 

Her thing is that she must have her neck rubs and scratches. 
That's my job according to Pudge. 

I have taken Pudge in the big rig.  That's not a thing that I'd do again if I have a choice.
She sheds a bunch of hair.  Gotta love double coated, short haired dogs.  :)

Next time I post I'll try to get Mr J.D. Fuzzypants to hold still for a bit.
Until next time.....

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Good morning. Along I-90 at Cheektowaga NY. Just the sign for Depew NY

Sometimes you bite the bear, sometimes the bear bites you. 

Waiting, The action that a driver will have to learn to do if he's going to last in this industry.
The Broker that we use in the Buffalo area is normally very quick at getting us loads here.
Not today.

So, to pass the time I've cleaned the Windshield and mirrors on Goldie, checked the water and oil and made up
my smokes for the day.

Also, I've taken a different sort of "Good Morning" picture.  A bit of a perspective shot of the I-90 sign for Depew, NY.

Low angled shot up to the sign.  Hope you like.

Peace, love and 4 on the floor.  I'm back out.

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Monday, October 26, 2009

Good morning, At Jim's in Cheektowaga, NY. Too many rigs here for Monday morning. But the day is beautiful.

Jim's Truck Plaza is an old school truck stop near Buffalo, NY.  One of the easier back in places if you can get a spot. 
Many drivers get stupid and try to park in the K-Mart parking lot next door. 


Private property and they do enforce it over there. 

The restaurant is good in my opinion and does have a smoking area.  Side note, I smoke but don't eat in the smoking section.
Cigarette smoke while I'm eating makes me want to puke. 

I'm so 

The parking lot is a maze of potholes and flooded areas.  But, I've seen worse...really!

This is an old truck, every thing is old here.  The showers are just okay.  A fair size but old.  They do have hot water!  :)

When you come here be ready to watch the "hit" parade.  Trucks are rolling through here at all hours.

Thanks for viewing.   Comments welcome!

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Friday, October 23, 2009

Good morning. #VFTC Escape from New York. South bound on the Cross Bronx Expy

@Tachoblog has been very gracious in posting several pictures that carry the #VFTC (View From The Cab) tag on his Trucking Magazine. 

If you're interested...please post your picture's link's on twitter with the hash tag of #VFTC.

Escape From New York!  Ah, that old gal,  The Cross Bronx Expressway is the most heavily traveled section of Highway in the Northeast.  At anytime of day one can expect a backup or traffic jam. 

This road seems to be blasted out of the rock that formed the base of the Bronx.

You'll notice that this picture shows three levels of transportation.  The Cross Bronx, Westchester Avenue and one of the many Subway/Elevated rail system stations in NYC.  There is a group of people waiting for an elevated train to arrive a the top of the picture.

All though the speed limit posted is 50mph.  I have driven down through there around 60-65mph.  That was a very quiet night.  Ahem...Christmas Day at day break.  NYC's finest patrol this stretch I-95 and are not afraid of giving one a summons for failure to obey.

Sorry for the delay.  But, I had a lot to do and I will not post while driving if I can help it. 
Peace, love and let the weekend begin.

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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Good morning. #VFTC Entering Pavilion NY. On the way to New Rochelle NY

Pavilion NY sits in a small valley along NY Route 63.  Heading towards I-390 you arrive here at the bottom of a fairly steep grade. 

At one time NY DOT Carrier Enforcement made a practice of using the parking lot here for inspections.
I have not seen them there in many years. 

But, that speed limit signs means just that.  35mph. 

You really don't want to take a chance of being
pulled over for a ticket here. 

Be safe and see y'all tomorrow....

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Good morning. I-90 W. Near Pembroke NY. No snow....but that will change.

The changing leaves along I-90 in Western New York can only mean one thing.

Winter is coming!  Across this section of New York the snow comes quick and deep.
Lake effect snow well make a bad day out of your driving experience.

 I must say that NYDOT and the Thruway Authority do an excellent job of keeping the roads passable.

Get ready, get your gear together and don't eat that yellow snow!  :)

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Good morning for Monday. Approaching Westchester county on the Tappen Zee.

On the way to Connecticut.  One of the best ways to get around the infamous George Washington Bridge is to take 287N out of NJ and east across the Tappen Zee Bridge. 

Having the local nickname of "The Go Around", this route provides access to I-95 north of NYC. 
Late at night you can usually here someone on the CB Radio calling out, "The Cross Bronx is backed up, better take the go around" 

It was an awesome day and this is one of several pictures I have of the Tappen Zee...aka The Chimpanzee.  :)

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Fall blaze on the way to Syracuse, NY

Fall in the northeast is down right beautiful.  This section of I-81 crosses over several ravines and gullies.  I'm pretty sure that most of these valleys once held water as do the near by Finger lakes.  Picture was taken between the Marathon and Cortland exits.  

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Good morning. cloud formation. Near Tully NY. I-81 N.

And a fine morning it is.  The cloud bank directly ahead was formed by evaporation of moisture left from last's nights rain in the Syracuse area.  The base hung down to within 100 feet of the road.  The air flow pattern for Upstate NY seems to be set just right for a lot of lake effect snow.  All we need here is the temp to drop.  Oh the joys of winter driving.  :)  cya l8r.

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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Good Morning. High above Scranton, Pa. Twinkling lights and low clouds.

Sitting at McLane Distribution this morning.  Waiting to be unloaded.  Every time I come through or to this valley I'm reminded of Harry Chapin's song, "30,000 Lbs or Bananas.  An awesome trucking song if there ever was one.  See y'all later.

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Good morning. High above Scranton Pa. Twinkling lights and low clouds.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Invitation to connect on LinkedIn


I'd like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn.

- Walter

Accept Walter McNabb's invite:

© 2009, LinkedIn Corporation

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Friday, October 09, 2009

Who dat? Reflections. #VFTC US Rte 30 W. Lancaster PA

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