Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Good morning. Along I-90 at Cheektowaga NY. Just the sign for Depew NY

Sometimes you bite the bear, sometimes the bear bites you. 

Waiting, The action that a driver will have to learn to do if he's going to last in this industry.
The Broker that we use in the Buffalo area is normally very quick at getting us loads here.
Not today.

So, to pass the time I've cleaned the Windshield and mirrors on Goldie, checked the water and oil and made up
my smokes for the day.

Also, I've taken a different sort of "Good Morning" picture.  A bit of a perspective shot of the I-90 sign for Depew, NY.

Low angled shot up to the sign.  Hope you like.

Peace, love and 4 on the floor.  I'm back out.

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