Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Good morning. Ms Pudge E Kins gives me 2 seconds. She hates cameras.

On a rare weekday morning at the house. 
We have two dogs.

This is Ms Pudge E Kins.  She's a Shepard Doberman mix.  8 years old and weighs in at 85 pounds.

Pudgie is a lover and not fighter. 
However, when she's barking and her teeth are flashing most people back way up. 
That's a good thing. 

Her thing is that she must have her neck rubs and scratches. 
That's my job according to Pudge. 

I have taken Pudge in the big rig.  That's not a thing that I'd do again if I have a choice.
She sheds a bunch of hair.  Gotta love double coated, short haired dogs.  :)

Next time I post I'll try to get Mr J.D. Fuzzypants to hold still for a bit.
Until next time.....

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