Friday, October 23, 2009

Good morning. #VFTC Escape from New York. South bound on the Cross Bronx Expy

@Tachoblog has been very gracious in posting several pictures that carry the #VFTC (View From The Cab) tag on his Trucking Magazine. 

If you're interested...please post your picture's link's on twitter with the hash tag of #VFTC.

Escape From New York!  Ah, that old gal,  The Cross Bronx Expressway is the most heavily traveled section of Highway in the Northeast.  At anytime of day one can expect a backup or traffic jam. 

This road seems to be blasted out of the rock that formed the base of the Bronx.

You'll notice that this picture shows three levels of transportation.  The Cross Bronx, Westchester Avenue and one of the many Subway/Elevated rail system stations in NYC.  There is a group of people waiting for an elevated train to arrive a the top of the picture.

All though the speed limit posted is 50mph.  I have driven down through there around 60-65mph.  That was a very quiet night.  Ahem...Christmas Day at day break.  NYC's finest patrol this stretch I-95 and are not afraid of giving one a summons for failure to obey.

Sorry for the delay.  But, I had a lot to do and I will not post while driving if I can help it. 
Peace, love and let the weekend begin.

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