Monday, October 26, 2009

Good morning, At Jim's in Cheektowaga, NY. Too many rigs here for Monday morning. But the day is beautiful.

Jim's Truck Plaza is an old school truck stop near Buffalo, NY.  One of the easier back in places if you can get a spot. 
Many drivers get stupid and try to park in the K-Mart parking lot next door. 


Private property and they do enforce it over there. 

The restaurant is good in my opinion and does have a smoking area.  Side note, I smoke but don't eat in the smoking section.
Cigarette smoke while I'm eating makes me want to puke. 

I'm so 

The parking lot is a maze of potholes and flooded areas.  But, I've seen worse...really!

This is an old truck, every thing is old here.  The showers are just okay.  A fair size but old.  They do have hot water!  :)

When you come here be ready to watch the "hit" parade.  Trucks are rolling through here at all hours.

Thanks for viewing.   Comments welcome!

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