Saturday, October 31, 2009

Good morning. One of several Lookout hills around Culpeper VA #VFTC

An anomaly that I've noticed around Culpeper, VA is that cell phone service is fair at it's best. 
Many suggest that the iron content of the hills in the area cause issues with
all types of radio communications.  In the interest of conspiracy I'd like to think that some
black ops Government agency is messing around.  :P 

So, I'll use that as my excuse for not posting details here at Posterous.  Bad signal and quite busy
on Friday are the true reasons for my late posting.  

In the area between Culpeper and Orange Virginia there are several of these small mounts.  Both the Union
and Confederate forces used them to post signal stations during operations in the area. 

This particular mount sits at the Junctions of VA Rte 3 and US Rte 522.  This is not too far from where the Actor Christopher Reeves
(aka Superman) was thrown from a horse during an Equestrian event that led to a spinal chord injury which brought about
his untimely death.

Also, this mount has been used as a repository for the US Mint and has underground chambers within it for storage. 

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