Wednesday, December 08, 2010

A new day on the Millard Tidings Bridge. #VFTC

Well, this sure has been an interesting week.

This will probably be the only picture I'll be posting from
Goldie this week. 

The Doctors have determined that I'm off for the rest of this week for
a femoral artery healing after a cardiac catherization.

The results are a mixed blessing.

Arteries, veins and the heart muscle are in top notch health.

However, we're checking out the valve and there looks like
repairs are on the way.

Given that, my picture posting will move away from trucks from time to time
and onto local subjects.  Maybe y'all could enjoy some pics from the
cab of my pickup truck.

A question for those who are from other countries. 

Here in the US and Canada we call a vehicle with a cab and a short bed (< 8 feet)
on a light weight frame (1 ton or less, US Measure)
a "Pickup Truck". 

What are these types of vehicles called in other countries? 

Thanks for viewing

aka Heydriver.

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