Sunday, January 29, 2012

Into the dark of the night.

And, it's into the dark we go.
The middle of winter is upon us.
While it's been a warm winter over here in the northeastern part of the USA,
the sun doesn't stay up so long.

One of the benefits I think I receive as being a driver is that I'm outside in the sunshine
But, I think even "cabin fever" still affects us all this time of year.
Cabin fever? lol, that's the old term we used for the more politically correct term SAD (seasonal affect disorder).

My Wife is a sunshine person and loves working outdoors during the year.  But, her attitude and mine clash during the dark of Winter.  I used to think it was all my fault.  Now, I think it's just the Winter blahs.

Makes you think about how Easter got started doesn't it?

Smiles and understanding, open mind and heart and eye to eye conversations are what help get us through this. Spring will be here before we know it and I'll be out of her hair.  lol

Loves to all

Also, a thought to remember..
In trucking you make your money with the left door closed and the right foot down.
I'm out and back quiet.


Sunday, January 01, 2012

Trucker Assimilated, Borg're next.

The Look of the Modern US Trucker?

Cool shades and Blue Tooth headset.  Get used to it folks.  No headset means big fines.
What amazes me is that DOT did not make it mandatory for The motoring public to use these.

 I mean, aren't they the less trained drivers by nature?

Again the DOT and the FMCSA react instead of innovate.

Sigh, to my friends who aren't starts in the trucks and moves to the cars.  Yes, you can wear one too.

I like the boom mics for the high noise environment I work in.

What the real issue to this driver is that Insurance companies and our current political overlords do not want to want to mandate the rulings needed to correctly train people how to operate a motor vehicle.   If a person doesn't have enough sense to drive without maintaining attention to the road they should be excluded from driving.  

Sadly, like most trucking companies that train, insurance companies and governments are after that dollar and will issue an operators license with the minimum of testing and retesting.  Yeah, I said it...retesting.  That includes a physical every so often.  I mean, how many of those in the motoring public have untreated diabetes or poor heart health?

The insurers and the governments are the real culprits here.  To those safety advocates...look for real answers instead of beating on the same boogie man year after year.  It's not the truckers.  We're the most regulated unskilled work force out there.  Imagine that.  lol

You want safe roads.  Then all those who use them should be trained, retrained and tested frequently.
Or, make everyone buy a self driving vehicle.....wait....hmmmm......follow the money folks.

Okay, that's it.
Happy Motoring

Heydriver wishing all y'all a Happy New Year and we're back quiet.

A New Year, A Restart, A Continuum

Grilled Ham n Cheese, Tomato Soup kick starts anyone.
What a lack of posting there was here this year.

 No excuses given except to say that sometimes it is good to back off and reassess one's values and goals.

In the past two years much as happened in my life.
And, that is what was meant to be.

 Much happening.

 So, a resolve to post more is on my mind.

 What direction should I go with is going to be a day to day thing.

 Some self help, a little bit of Family, Things to do to stay healthy and lots and lots of My life on the Road.

And of course....

Good Morning pics.

I stopped those all together and maybe that was what was needed at the time. I'll restart "Good Morning".

But, the same rules apply.

My morning starts when I start it. Not your time, but mine.

Love all y'all....

Back at it again....