Sunday, January 29, 2012

Into the dark of the night.

And, it's into the dark we go.
The middle of winter is upon us.
While it's been a warm winter over here in the northeastern part of the USA,
the sun doesn't stay up so long.

One of the benefits I think I receive as being a driver is that I'm outside in the sunshine
But, I think even "cabin fever" still affects us all this time of year.
Cabin fever? lol, that's the old term we used for the more politically correct term SAD (seasonal affect disorder).

My Wife is a sunshine person and loves working outdoors during the year.  But, her attitude and mine clash during the dark of Winter.  I used to think it was all my fault.  Now, I think it's just the Winter blahs.

Makes you think about how Easter got started doesn't it?

Smiles and understanding, open mind and heart and eye to eye conversations are what help get us through this. Spring will be here before we know it and I'll be out of her hair.  lol

Loves to all

Also, a thought to remember..
In trucking you make your money with the left door closed and the right foot down.
I'm out and back quiet.


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