Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Good morning. The junction of US Rte 422 and Pa Rte 501 in Myerstown PA.

Hope all y'all are doing well today. 

Just a few miles from my delivery I crossed over US Route 422 on PA Route 501 S.
 A water tower makes a great landmark when giving out directions.  I would've used this one.
But, the receiver didn't use that.  He used a business name as the landmark I needed just before I had
to make my turn. 

The problem with names of businesses for landmarks is that names change.  I prefer...
1. Route numbers
2. Street names
3. Number of lights till turn.
4. Number of streets before a turn.

Along with these landmarks I use phone numbers for the person or office at the physical location.
And, I use Google maps Satellite View and Street View.  Plus, I have two brief cases filled with
paper maps I've bought over the years. 

But, I think the key thing to have is a contact number at the receiver and to use it before I need it.
Nothing sucks more then to not have the information for a delivery.

I do see many "young" drivers out there lost because they did not take it upon themselves to demand
the information they need. 

This ain't a Volkswagon Beetle we're driving here.

Get your information early and try to double check it against some sort of map.

:)  Happy Motoring.

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