Thursday, November 12, 2009

Good morning. The Kosciusko Bridge and The Manhatten Skyline. Along Newtown Cr

If I ever had to live in a city it'd be this one.

The city that never sleeps.  And, never stops eating too.  lol

When you're going to NYC have directions.  Let me rephrase that.
When you're going to NYC get damn good directions.

Getting lost in a car isn't too bad.  Getting lost in a big rig is a nightmare. 

Any big city will make you sweat if you're lost.  It just seems that NYC, Philly and Beantown are
the worst of all on the East Coast,

Mind you, I don't usually get lost.  I did today.  Wanna know why?

lol, I didn't call the customer for directions.  Asked another driver and tried to do
a "google" search.  No love there.  This place did not exist when the Big G was taking Sat pictures.

So, shame on me.  Found it okay and got unloaded.  Just another way of reality coming home to roost on this driver's head.

Heading home. 


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