Monday, November 16, 2009

Good morning. Looking south from Afton Mtn. I-64 E in Va. Home of the Waltons

Not really the shot I wanted today.  I was hoping that I could run across US Rte 33
between Ruckersville and Harrisonburg, VA.  There is an awesome
hairpin curve there.  However time is my Master today and I had to take a different route.

But, I give you the valley that the TV show
The Waltons was supposed to have taken place in. 

I used to run US Rte 29 down through that valley everyday.  What a great ride.
If you ever get the chance you should run this road. 

The Seminole Trail or the 29 Infantry Road as it's called.  You'll
see Americana for sure here. 

Get off the 4 lane and check out the back roads as often as you can.
I do. 

Hope all y'alls week goes well.
More tomorrow.

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