Friday, November 13, 2009

Good morning. #VFTC Baltimore Md power plant next to I-95. In a Nor'Easter.

What a day.

Hurricane Ida died out and became a classic Nor'Easter. 

How do you feel about driving in bad weather?
For this driver I don't mind it really.  Actually, I love it.

Driving in inclement weather forces me to use all my skills as
a driver.  Don't get me wrong.  It's dangerous and on the whole I would
rather have bright sun and clear blue skies above my head. 

However, once in a while I do like the adrenalin rush that comes for storms.

I really need to get a good camera rig for the truck.  Some scenes are just to pretty
to try to capture with this cell phone camera.  Maybe Santa will love me again.
"Sorry Santa, didn't mean to take your job away"

Speaking of Santa, one more thought or idea.  Is Santa Claus the patron Saint of Truckers?
Think about that for awhile.

Be safe and may your roads have just a little rain and wind once in awhile.  It do make the flowers grow.


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