Sunday, January 09, 2011

Good morning and a cup of coffee to go.

There comes a time in all men's lives when it just time
to pack it up and roll wheels.

Doc just gave me the okee dokee (official doctor talk))) for discharge.

One phase ends and another begins.  Life's like that.  It's a journey.
Not a destination.

It's about what I do today for today.
Having this valve replacement and seeing how y'all have responded in your ways
gives me great hope that things aren't all that bad.  We're till human and God is
still there.  He always was and still is.

God bless y'all...
Catch me if you can!!!

Next post from the house.


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Truckin Tedybehr said...

Glad to hear you are on your way home. Listen to the doctor's orders and take care of yourself. Godspeed!

Kelly Steffen said...


First of all I hope you’re doing well after your surgery and that the recovery is going smoothly. I enjoy reading the various adventures that you and Goldie have on the open road and hopefully soon you’ll be back on your journey.

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