Sunday, January 02, 2011

A Frosty Fender and bon voyage #VFTC

I've been driving professionally for well over 25 years or so.

I've driven taxi cab, cube van, straight truck and big rigs.
I've always humanized the vehicles I drove.  And, of course
Goldie is no exception.

I'm out of trucking for a few weeks or months with heart surgery
and that is a good thing.

Goldie is being put back into the stables as a back up ride for the interim.
She's a good girl and even though I haven't been the greatest caretaker, I'm pretty sure
that when I get back that will change.  She's the best ride I've ever had anywhere and anytime.

We're given tools for life right from the start.  I'm getting mine back.  Makes one consider
just what one does when we ignore our God given gifts and treat them like trash.  Weather it's a
mechanic that fixes the truck or the doctor that fixes the I was told by my cardiologist,
"I'm trying to fix you and you're just tearing it down."
Got a gift going on here and I don't have to abuse it anymore.

Okay, that's it....I'll be posting here as I heal and then I'll be doing more pics from the road.
I think I'll post some oldies for y'all. 
Heavily photoshopped  lol.

God bless all y'all and God's Speed.....

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Truckin Tedybehr said...

Good luck man. Take care of yourself and I hope all turns out well. Godspeed!

RandyNose said...

Walt, when you get a chance, if you make up a Blog Post for VFTC. Sort of a some um, "Truck Calendar" Shots. Or, if one likes... "Truck Porn" Sorta like the

(ooh, I think that I just thought of something that I need to send to G..")