Saturday, January 08, 2011

Breathe, TWiT, CES, @LeoLaporte

Today's status is keep breathing.

Well, I'm staying here one more night.  My
coumadin levels aren't as high as the Doctors would
like.  So, it's at least one more day in here.

That's not all bad though.  First,  CES is in Las Vegas this weekend
and @LeoLaporte and the TWiT crew are covering it live. 
Heh, no interuptions for chores today...I'll get to watch the whole show.
Actually, I've been watching a lot from bed.

Mr. Thomas Merritt and my breathing exercise machine grace
this post today.

Doing what the Docs' tell me to do.  Getting it right so
I can get outta here. 

Smiles from the land of slipper socks and johnnie gowns....


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