Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Good morning. #VFTC A look at lower Manhattan from under the promenade. I-278 W in Brooklyn, NY

What a fantastic day.

Bright sun and a great view
of lower Manhattan. 

Riding along on the BQE (Brooklyn-Queens Expressway).

The height markings on the BQE are a bit misleading. 
Posted as 12' 4", the warning signs may cause a newbie driver to freak out.

But, New York measures height from the curb and not the road deck.
And, also the measurement is from the lowest point above the curbing.

So, never fear my fellow travelers.  In the State of NY you can hammer right
under that 12' 8" over pass with nary a thought. 

Ahem!  Unless the warning sign says "ACTUAL"  Then slam the binders
and wait for the 4 wheelers to start honking their horns.


btw, I do love this new phone.


later y'all

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