Thursday, April 07, 2011

Following an Angel #VFTC


Outside of Tyrone, Pa on I-99 S/US 220 S.

Following an Angel.  Goldie's hood ornament reminds me of
all the "angels" in my life

I've felt all the prayers and hopes sent and I thank you all.
I only hope that I may help y'all in some way too.

Thanks and more too come.

"Hammer down like I had wings.
 Little gravel in my wheels, going  ping, ping, ping. 
About the time I hit 92,
Saw something flashin' in my rear view,
Thought to my self that can't be true. 
But, there it was...
Old Blue, Blue, Blue"

Lyrics from "The White Knight"

Have Faith, Hope and Love,
But most of all have fun.

Love to all.

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