Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Good morning for Tuesday. #VFTC New Jersey farm on Route 57 Near Washington NJ

New Jersey, the garbage state? 
Not on the "Jersey" roads I travel on.

I hear the gripping all day long on the CB about
New Jersey. 

Get a friggin' life...sheeesh.   All states have
their good and bad places.

If you focus on the bad parts of a trip, you'll have a bad trip.
Focus on the good parts and the trip becomes a wonderful

People complain because they've never had to really look
for happiness and good within' a hard spot.  'Jersey' has it's moments
without a doubt. 

But, look what I found while on a drive one day. 

Keep you mouth closed
Eye and ears open
You can only gain knowledge if you're
not passing gas.....


I'm back quiet.

toodles all. 

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