Monday, August 31, 2009

The Road and The Price

You wanna drive a truck? Let me tell you something. This job will kill you. Fast or slow, by broken bone or broken heart the Road kills.

The Road is my Master and my Mistress. It commands me to drive it and gives me small joys along the way. Yet, the price is my life.

No one in the trucking industry can know what the Driver feels unless they've been there, and there and over there too. I can't not drive.

If I drive I die. If I don't drive I die. The Road makes crack seem like an aspirin. It's more addictive then smoking. I bow to it's pain

I bow to it's pleasure. Even if I stepped away from the Road, I'd feel it's call. It's insistent drone in my heart and my mind. My price...

I've paid has been awesome. 4 marriages, 4 kids, many long distance relationships. And, yet....I drive. Hey! you want to drive truck?

Here's what you do. You give your body, soul and mind to the Road. Learn it's ways. Then you too will be trapped in it's grip.

The Road is the Whip, the Drive is my heart and the goal......

The Goal is to care. See, you have to care. I've seen the Road suck all the caring out of people. The Road doesn't care about your pet

issues. It only wants one thing from you. Your undivided attention. Your issues at home or in society mean nothing to the Road. It'll...

just use your issues to take your life. You have to put them away when you meet the Road. Never let the Road see your pain.

You want to drive?

Pay attention to the Road!!!

That was a bit long don't you think. :)

From 12 tweets on a rainy Monday. The last day of August in the year 2009,

aka Heydriver

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